DIY Holiday Table Center Piece


Looking for the perfect table center piece can be difficult during the holidays. So why not make your own? This table center piece is great for the holidays, but it’s also great year round. It is simple, yet elegant and effortless. It will add a rustic and charming element to your home. This DIY won’t break your holiday budget plus it is eco-friendly. Are you ready? Let’s start.



  • Tin Can (any size will do)
  • Scissors
  • Tape (or glue—something to secure)
  • Decorative paper
  • Ribbon (you can choose to color accordingly)
  • Greens & Florals
  • Tea candles


Step One:

Take the can and place it on the end of the decorative paper. Roll the paper around the can to figure out how much paper you will need to completely cover the can. Then mark the dimensions and cut the paper accordingly. Now take the cut out decorative paper and tape (or glue) it onto the can.

Step Two:

Now take the ribbon and wrap it around the can to figure out how long you would need to make a bow. This DIY the ribbon was roughly 12 inches long. Then cut the ribbon and tie it onto the can.

Step Three:

Pour some water into the can and place your greens and florals into the can. You can place them however you want.

Step Four:

Now place the finished can center piece on the table. Complete the table with tea candles at the sides of the can. (You can arrange the candles however you want).


And that is it! A simple table center piece that sparkles and shine. It will add a fresh holiday element to your home, making your home more elegant and charming. This DIY is super simple yet refined and polished. May your home be cozy this holiday.

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