DIY Cute No-Sew Winter Mittens

The cold season is here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute and chic! Tis the season to pull out those cute beanies, scarves, and mittens. Don’t have any? Look no further. This DIY will show you how to achieve cute mittens without breaking the bank. Don’t have a sewing machine or sewing tools? No worries! This DIY is perfect for those who may not know how to use a sewing machine or have no access to one. The mittens are great for the holiday season, and appropriate for this cold weather. It’s also super easy to make and will keep your hands warm all winter long.

*If you want to, though, you may use a sewing machine instead of hot glue. The steps are the same.



  • ½ yard fleece or felt fabric (any soft fabric will be fine)
  • Hot Glue gun & hot glue sticks (Sewing machine or thread & needle if you prefer)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or pen
  • Cardstock paper


Step One:

If you already have a pair of fitted mittens that you love, go ahead and trace the shape of that mitten. If you don’t, then trace place your hand on the cardstock paper in a mitten-shape form and trace the outside of your hand.
You do not need to be precise. Make sure you leave about 1-2 inches at the end by the wrist area.

Step Two:

Now cut out the hand from the paper and place it on the fabric. Cut out four copies of the hand on the fabric. Make sure you leave ¼ inch around the fabric for seam allowance.

Step Three:

Now take two of the cut out fabric hands and put the right sides together. Then hot glue the edges together. You’re going to want to glue as close to the edges as possible. Leave open the bottom part. Do the same to the other two cut out fabric as well.
*If you prefer sewing, this is the step you would sew the mittens together. Sew as close to the edge as possible.

Step Four:

Now, you can leave your mittens simple and cute or paint on some patterns to personalize it. You can either paint on patterns, like shown above, or hot glue fabric patterns on to the mittens.


And that is it! See, very simple yet super chic and cute. This mitten is warm because the fabrics are super soft. It is also comfortable because the mittens are measured from your very own hands. Remember to rock your mittens however you like. Plus, you can make more than one! Stay safe and cozy.

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