DIY 20 unique ways to wrap your Christmas Gifts


Gift wrapping can be challenge yet it is a must-do thing during the holiday season. There is a lot of wrapping papers, ribbons, bows, decorative bags, etc. to choose from. Whether you prefer a more traditional wrapping style or something more personalized and unique, this list will definitely offer you some gift wrapping inspirations. Gift wrapping is not just about the gifts inside; it’s also the opening part that makes the whole gift experience so much more meaningful. Here are 20 gift wrapping ideas for you.

1. For the Kids

This idea is great especially on gifts for kids. The wrapping is unique and it will definitely stand out in a kid’s mind. It’s a gift on top of a gift!

2. Burlap Bottle

This burlap idea is very unique, rustic, yet warming and elegant. This is a fun twist to the traditional bottle wrapping. This idea is great for house parties or if the person you’re giving it to loves an earthy element.

3. Scraps to Fabs

This wrapping is great if you have left over scrap paper or left over wrapping paper just in your storage/craft room. Use them to create cute and memorable gift wraps! You can customize each different to the receiver’s taste—this is a wonderful and unique option.

4. Chalk it Up

Not into all the bright and colorful wrapping? That’s okay! This option would be perfect for you. A chalk gift wrapping is simple, yet still chic and elegant. Add a ribbon just for a festive touch. Otherwise, less is more for this option. You can also write something memorable on the box.

5. Wrap it in News

Wrapping your gift in newspaper is chic and effortless. Add a ribbon to give it a festive touch. This is for those who may not want the traditional festive wrapping paper or may not have access to them—either way, you can still make your gift stand out with this newspaper wrapping idea.

6. A Little Bit of Greens

Use kraft paper to wrap your gifts then top it off with some greens like rosemary and berries. Of course, you can choose whatever nature-related thing you prefer, but this is a cute way to personalize your gifts. This idea is great for any occasion. Plus, the greens will add a subtle scent making your gifts stand out.

7. Tissues and Twists

This wrapping is cute, fun, and flirty. You can change up the color to make it more holiday festive. You can even make it the receiver’s favorite colors—you have so many options. This gift wrapping is unique and original. Your gift will definitely make a statement.

8. Paper Rainbow

This wrapping will take some time to do; however, your gift will definitely be eye pleasing and get everyone curious. This is great for kids or anyone who enjoys having fun during the holiday season. This wrapping is fun and festive.

9. The Festive Bag

Have a ton of paper bags? Well, this gift wrap idea is perfect for you. It’s cute and festive. All you have to do is add some festive details and a ribbon. This is also great for those odd-shaped gifts that don’t quite fit in boxes.

10. Fruits

This gift wrap idea is super cute. It is especially perfect for those who may not have snow for the holiday. It’s also great because it’s fun and will definitely put a smile on people’s faces. This wrapping idea is fun and sweet.

11. Shapes and Sizes

This gift wrapping idea is fun and unique. It is easy to personalize and it keeps people guessing what is inside. This wrapping can be topped off with a bow or ribbon for some extra festive touches. This gift wrap idea will definitely brighten up the holiday.

12. Boxes and Clothespins

This gift idea is super simple but super cute. Get a cylinder gift box, add a ribbon and top it off with a holiday clothespin. The circular box automatically makes the wrapping unique. The extra toppings make the gift festive and cute. This gift wrapping idea is perfect for those who want uniqueness and simplicity.

13. Sweets in Sweaters

This gift wrap idea is unique and charming. It utilizes the idea of a gift bag, but instead opts for a sweater. This is a perfect way to upcycle a sweater too. You can change the colors to your taste, but this idea will definitely charm the person receiving the gift. It’s classy, chic, and cute.

14. Tissues and Plastic

This gift wrap idea is perfect for the gifts in bottles or baskets. The colored tissue covers the gift and then the plastic and ribbon adds a polished and festive touch. This is also great for people who don’t like boxes; you still get that unique and cute wrapping look without the box.

15. Animals Everywhere

This gift wrapping is the perfect idea for kids or anyone who loves animals. This idea is unique. The person is going to want to open this gift. It’s also effortless and fun.

16. The Felt Box

This gift wrap is a unique twist to the traditional gift box. Instead of paper use felt. The felt adds a warm and cute element to the gift. This idea is also effortless and simple. Plus, it’s a box that can be easily stored and reused.

17. Gift Bag

Opt for the gift bag if you don’t want to go the traditional route. You can even make your own gift bag using wrapping paper. This idea is a traditional one, but you can personalize the gift bag if you do it yourself! Using gift bags also adds a modern twist.

18. Sweater Wrap Box

Use a sweater as the gift wrap! This idea is super cute and definitely has a charming element. This is also perfect for the holiday because it’s cold outside.

19. Triangular Boxes

Opt for a nontraditional box this holiday! This gift wrapping idea is cute and definitely outside of the box. Plus, it’s simple to make.

20. Magazines and Fabrics

Use your unread magazines and left over fabrics to create this rustic chic wrapping. This idea is eco-friendly and unique. You can add your own spin to this. It’s also a good way to reuse things that may just be lying around in your craft room.

And that is the list of gift wrapping ideas. Whether you’re a DIY person or not, hopefully you found inspiration. The holiday season is here and whatever kind of gift you plan on giving this year, may this list help you find how to wrap it. Stay warm and cozy.

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